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Our portable restrooms and showers feature environmentally friendly recycled paper products and low-flow sinks and toilets.

Andy Gump offers a complete selection of individual portable restroom units, washstands, and accessories. Ideal for construction sites, parks, athletic fields, fairs and festivals, these individual portable restroom units feature durable construction with a wide selection of comfort amenities and access options. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call. We are constantly adding new models to our portable restroom line.

We guarantee the quality and cleanliness of our portable restrooms and offer the assistance of our helpful staff through every part of the rental process. And best of all, our pricing is very competitive! Call us today and let us help you select the best portable restrooms for your next construction project.

Each Andy Gump Portable Restroom features:

  • Locking door
  • “No Touch” tank/seat design
  • Urinal in some portable restroom units
  • Seat pads and dual paper rolls
  • Also available with optional Hand Sanitizer, Hand wash Sink and Containment Pan upon request

Each Andy Gump Portable Restroom features:

  • Individual stalls with locking doors
  • Seat pads and dual toilet paper rolls
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Great versatility with limited space
  • Also available with optional Hand wash sink and Containment Pans upon request.

Portable Restroom

These high-grade, durable, non-flushing portable restrooms, commonly known as a porta potty, are a familiar sight on construction jobs across Southern California because we keep them regularly serviced.

Portable Restroom Trailer

Portable Restroom Trailer

These durable non-flushing trailer mounted portable restrooms are a great addition to any size job site, offering easy pick up and go convenience.

Deluxe Portable Restroom

Our Deluxe Portable Restrooms are the ideal solution for construction site! We can supply these clean, modern, non-flushing special events portable restrooms to serve a crowd of any size. Perfect as a single unit, several together or groups spread out across your construction site for user convenience.

VIP Individual Restrooms

VIP Portable Restroom

Our VIP Portable Portable Restrooms (“Very Impressive Portables”) offer unparalleled service for events requiring a certain level of sophistication. They are private, full-service restrooms with flush toilets, fresh water sinks, and polished interiors. Completely self-contained, VIPs require no utility connections..

ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms

Our convenient wheelchair accessible portable restroom meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Andy Gump ADA Compliant Portable Restroom door size (height and width), handrails (height and width), interior turning radius, door closing speed, ramping requirements and direct side transfer from wheelchair to seat all comply with ADA requirements..

2 Station Handwash Units

Special Event Hand Washing Station

Our Breeze 2-Station Handwash meets OSHA sanitation requirements for all construction sites.

300 Gallon Holding Tank

Our 300 gallon holding tank is perfect for expanding your grey water needs when you don’t have sewer hook-ups.