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Portable Shower TrailersRent a Portable Shower Trailer

Our portable restrooms and showers feature environmentally friendly recycled paper products and low-flow sinks and toilets.

with Andy Gump’s portable Special Event Shower Trailers. Spacious, clean and comfortable, these Special Events Shower Trailers are popular at film and television locations and health clubs. And because it is easy to set up and operate, it is ideal for emergency shelters and restroom remodels.

Each Special Event Shower Trailer features:

  • Separate men’s and women’s areas inside each Special Event Shower Trailers
  • Private showers with ample dressing areas
  • Sinks with built-in soap and paper towel dispensers
  • On-demand tank-less propane water heaters
  • Mirrors and lighting inside all Special Event Shower Trailers
  • Air conditioning and heating

We offer the Shower Trailer in these configurations:

  • 23’ Private men’s (2) and women’s (2) showers
  • 26’ Private men’s (1) and women’s (1) showers


Portable Shower Trailers


26ft Shower Trailer

23ft Shower Trailer

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